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Soccer Club of East AfricaSoccer Club of East AfricaSoccer Club of East Africa

About us


To create an enabling environment to make The Scea Development Program make appropriate transitions into a boarding school integrating soccer, academics, and leadership.


To enable The SCEA Amateur Club (The SAC) to develop high-quality players for its first team besides helping the club grow into a professional super club.

Our Philosophy

Our development, education, and leadership program is underpinned by values and character development with aim of producing responsible and accountable citizens.
Who We Are

Our Background

The SCEA Development recognizes sustainability and social change as core to its operations. Efforts to drive social change and sustainability have been integrated not only into the day-to-day running of operations but also prioritized at strategic and or corporate levels.

Being the umbrella body under which both The SCEA Development Program (The SDP) and The SCEA Amateur Club (The SAC) thrive, The SCEA Development focuses on 4 main areas while utilizing locally appropriate, and situationally adaptable strategies to drive, influence, and deliver our sustainable agenda besides the much needed social change/impact. Our scope of operations is around the community and the impact is local in nature.

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Who We Are

Social Change and Sustainability in Context:

Sustainability and social change are complex endeavors to measure in real terms. That is why we have chosen to break down the areas we focus on at The SCEA Development from both an internal and external point of view.

Internal Sustainability

By de – risking, The SDP, SAC and YLDP internally, The SCEA Development continues to create an enabling environment attractive to private capital investors with specific interests in youth soccer development and football education programs.

External Sustainability and Social Impact

External Sustainability and Influence: includes, Partnerships for Social Impact and or Change, Diversity and Inclusion, Ensure Inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, SDG 3: Health Lives and Well being at all Ages for All.

Sustainable Development Goals

The SCEA Development aims at using soccer / football to play a unique role in addressing and making significant milestones on sustainable development goals ( SDGs 4 and 3  ). These are the education and health and wellbeing goals of the United Nations sustainable agenda 2030.