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The Scea AC’s “Membership Scheme

The ownership and management of The Scea AC is unique from that of The Scea Development ( The SD ) its parent owner. It’s upon this background that The Scea AC seeks to involve its supporters or fans as official members with a crucial role to play in supporting/ enabling the activities and operations of the Amateur Club besides The Scea Development Program ( The SDP – Development Academy) on a day to day basis – in the long-term.

Besides the membership scheme is critical as it will help The SD raise funds to support its sustainability Program and grassroots soccer at the community level.

The membership scheme will also help and enable The Scea AC engage with the community, fans and supporters in areas not only core to its operations but also of benefit to the wider community. Through its parent owner The Scea Development ( The SD ), the Amateur Club seeks to play a crucial role in addressing three Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs ) of the 17 goals The United Nations ( UN ) is working around the clock to achieve by 2030.


The Amateur Club through The SD is keen on addressing:

Inclusive Education and Lifelong Learning at all Stages for all.
Good Health and Well-being at all Stages for all.
Partnerships for Change among other SDGs.

We seek to involve our supporters in protecting and safeguarding the heritage, history, vision, mission, and values that make us who we are and what we stand for in the long term as The Scea AC.

Not only will you be joining an Amateur Club with a mission of growing into a professional outfit but one which prioritises issues of sustainability at the strategic level. Under the guardianship of The Scea Development ( registered as a business in Nairobi- Kenya ), The Scea AC will put societal needs- people wants and good governance at par with its commercial goals.

We would like our loyal members to play crucial a role in supporting our Vision which is ” To enable The Scea Development make giant steps in enabling The Scea Development Program transition into a school with a combined focus on soccer, academics and leadership. The school is to be a regional ( East Africa Community- EAC ) centre of excellence.

Emerging from The SDP-,The Scea AC being a club in its infancy ought to create a reliable and vibrant Supporters’ base from which some can choose to apply as members and make up a core group of The Scea AC’s membership scheme/ family.

Members’ Area of Concern. Responsibilities, Roles and Voting.

Members will enjoy various benefits in accordance to their respective Membership and Age Categories. They will be given some roles and responsibilities to help The Scea AC re-shape and deliver on its short-term medium – long-term agenda. Officially registered adult ( 16 + years ) club members will also be given some special rights to weigh in on pre-determined issues affecting The Scea AC but on a partial basis depending on legitimacy, membership category and governance structure.

The group of supporters or members will not form a core of the operational and management team of The Scea AC. Though they may weigh in on vetoing and influencing policy from a supporter’s point of view. They will have a representative at the strategic and governance table of the club. Embedded in the community, the supporters’/ membership group will play a pivotal role in amplifying the voice of the community when it comes to its core concerns like supporting grass roots / amateur football, societal needs like supporting sustainable development goals ( SDGs ) 3 and 4 on good-healthy- lives and well-being besides inclusive education at all stages for all and Partnerships for Change. Among a host of other SDGs crisscrossing our operations.

The supporters’/ membership group will have influence and vote on the kind of activities or projects they would wish their financial contribution to support. The group will be partial owners of The Scea AC. That will be limited to 25% depending on the agreement of the founders.

The Scea AC will own 75% of its shares with no single founder/ partner selling no single stake- to outsider investors but return back all they wish to sell free to The Scea AC. The interests and survival of the club have to be safeguarded from the ambitions and limitations of founding partners.

But if The Scea Development and or some other high net worth investor or corporation consistently invest in The Scea AC for 10 years and above, then exemptions may be made to the rule above. They can apply for a controlling stake in the Amateur Club as they would have demonstrated continued commitment to the well being and survival of The Scea AC.

The Supporters’ or Membership group will be run on a one member one vote basis on all pre determined issues.

The group will not own any of the assets of The Scea AC. Ownership will be limited to voting, influencing and safeguarding the heritage and history of The Scea AC.


Membership (Requirements, Categories, Duration & Fees and Benefits ).

Requirements for Registering.

1: Children ( 0 – 15 years ).

  • ID or Passport of the child.
  • ID or Passport of parent/legal guardian.
  • Bank Account ( child/parent/guardian).

2: Adults ( 16 + years ).

  • ID or Passport.
  • ID or Passport of parent/guardian.
  • Bank Account ( Of adult ).

Method of Registration and Payment.

Members can register by filling in The Scea AC Membership Registration Form;in person at Club offices in Sunton- Kasarani- Nairobi. Or they can do so digitally by downloading an attached Membership Registration Form, then go on to fill.

Payment of Club membership fee will either be by cash ( deposited on club Bank Account) or cheque or credit card. We are to avail you of all the details concerning Payment.


Supporters’- Membership group will be made up of three categories namely;

  1. Platinum.
  2. Gold.
  3. Bronze each attracts a specific fee for both children ( 0 – 15 years ) and adults ( 16 + years ) respectively.

Legal guardians and parents will apply and help children register. Members can also choose to register as a family or group each choosing a specific category or one to fit all.


Membership will be annual ( June 29th, 2022 – June 28th, 2023 ) with renewals allowed for the following season. Registration is to be done between April 1st and June 28th. Alternatively, it could be ongoing for some reasons privy to the member.

Termination/ Resignation.

A member may decide to terminate their membership by writing to the club by April 1st.


Membership Fees will be paid monthly or annually – One off Payment ). Installments will be allowed if a member clears at least half of the fee due to be paid in accordance with the chosen membership category. Each membership category will attract a different fee for both children and adults respectively.


Membership Category 1: Platinum.

Age : Fees ( USD ).

1: Children ( 0-15 years): $ 180 ( Yearly).
2: Adults. ( 16 + years): $ 360 ( Yearly).

Membership Category 2: Gold.

Age Fees ( USD ).

3: Children (0-15 years): $ 120 (Yearly).
4: Adults (16+years ): $ 240 (Yearly).

Membership Category 3: Bronze.

Age. Fees ( USD ).

5: Children (0-15years): $ 60 ( Yearly).
6: Adults (16+years ):. $ 120(Yearly).

Updates on all upcoming games ( League games, friendly matches and tournaments ).
Updates on all upcoming games for all the playing units making up The SDP ( Development Academy; Unders 11,13&16 ).
Updates on any another development pertaining to operations of The SDP.
Membership card on full payment of membership fee.
Membership card will allow all paid up members to watch all youth teams in games.
Club bracelets are the only tangible material we can provide at the moment.

Benefits ( Gold and Platinum ).

Membership card upon full payment of membership fee.
Use of membership card to watch all games of The Scea AC ( home and away ).
Club bracelets and scarfs will come along this membership pack upon full payment.
Voting rights on pre- determined issues, policy formulation and influence strategy to guide The Scea AC at the corporate level.
Insider information on the running of The Scea AC and SDP respectively.
Updates on all upcoming League and friendly games besides tournaments.
Members’ representative to help in shaping strategy and influencing decision-making at the strategic level.
Members will be perceived as strategic partners.