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The Scea AC: A Hundred Percent Home Grown

Branton Muga Otieno – Skipper- The Scea AC –

The Scea AC is the First Team ( made up of under 21s ) and came into being on 26th October, 2020 after a month and a half of deliberation. This followed a natural transition the first cohort of youngsters to join The Scea Development in 2015 – 2016 was making on and off the pitch. Under the guidance and development framework of The Scea SDP for three years plus a two year period of transition – 2018 -, The Scea Development beefed up the squad with a few players to form its inaugural First Team – The Scea AC. The first challenge for the newly composed team was to take part in The Sub County League of The Football Kenya Federation – FKF (2020- 2021 Season); for the first time.

Photo: The Scea AC Playing Unit Shortly Before a Midweek Practice Session.

Deliberation to form The Scea AC- The First Team meant we had to select among the youngsters within The Scea SDP who would fit the playing style, culture and values that The Scea Development wanted in all those to play and or represent the team at the highest level of competition. The players had / have to be of a different make and work or operate under specific principles to help and or enable them develop – compete- perform at the adult level. Only those deemed best fit were/ are retained and others released. Those retained continue/d to develop under a lot of competitive pressure on and off the pitch. This is to enable and help them perform.

Photo Image: By The Scea Development: The Scea AC Playing Unit

As under 21s, they continue to develop at The Professional Development Stage (The PDS) at The Scea Development – all of whom are homegrown players- having spent 3 years and above under the guidance of The Scea SDP.  The PDS or Phase introduces these young lads to a variety of activities, projects and programs which exposes them to a wholesome and varied experience on and off the pitch. They practice and play competitively. Currently The Scea AC plies its trade in the 7th tier of The Kenyan Football System).

Writing assignments and completing projects is part of the development package at The PDS / P at The Scea Development.  These enable youngsters develop problem solving skills – critical thinking besides improve learning capacities. Life skills as a core part of The Scea Soccer Development Program (The Scea SDP) are integral to the operations of The Scea AC – PDS/P. On and off the pitch, our youngsters are equipped with the skill set and tool kits to solve the problems they face on and off the pitch within and around the community.

Photo: The Scea AC – ” The East Africans”

We have a responsibility to create, lead and deliver the future we want at The Scea Development. Through The Scea AC, The Scea SDP and The Scea Institute, we stay committed to the present. Whilst we continue to work hard for us to actualize all the goals and objectives we have set out to achieve on and off the pitch. We are relentless in our focus of doing everything possible to actualize both our mission and vision respectively.

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