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Writing as Part of A Multi-Disciplinary Approach To Player Development At The Scea Development

Contribution by James Ngwiza – PDS – Player

The Scea Development employs writing as part of a multidisciplinary approach to player education and development. The tenets of professional writing are introduced to players at The Professional Development Stage (The PDS) and The Young Elites Development Stage (The YEDS); with a lot of emphasis placed on the basics. Three-pronged in a way or two, writing is helping and enabling all young players developing at both The PDS and YEDS complete assignments, projects and academic work as well. Writing as part of a multidisciplinary approach employed in player development at the Scea Development is helping stimulate and activate problem-solving skills, critical – independent and alternative thinking, reading – research and report writing skills among others. Cognitive abilities are enhanced.

The Scea Soccer Development Program (The Scea SDP) introduces the basics of professional Writing to youngsters as part of a different path in player education and development. Through guided – self-discovery from a reading, research, and writing point of view, players are able to perceive different situations from various and unique points of view. The understanding attained helps increase anticipatory and perceptive skills critical to problem-solving which is a life skill, especially as young players transition from youth into adult soccer. Writing as an educational component leads to improvement in their soccer performances and their development as young professional soccer players.

Players at both The PDS and YEDS attempt to tackle some of the challenges or problems faced at The Scea Development internally, through completing writing assignments and projects both in groups and individuals. This is a global and tactical approach to problem-solving which is the essence of education besides character development. Working in groups also enhances task-social cohesion thus in a way indirectly stimulating thinking and awareness of a lot of social issues and inequalities affecting the local communities we operate and around the globe. Case studies, questions and answers, study notes, and continuous learning activities are aiding the performance and development of our young players on and off the pitch – in adulthood. In a way or two The Scea Development is building an INTELLIGENSTIA whom we envision from whom some can become speakers and sustainability leaders among other professions.

We shall continue writing our way to the future we want at The Scea Development.

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