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The Scea Institute: Sustainability Leadership: African Studies / History: Youth Empowerment- Development

The Scea Institute is an internal arm at The Scea whose aim is to further the development journey of our young soccer hopefuls off the pitch. Similar to how The Scea Development handles on the pitch aspects of Developmental Soccer and Exercise Science; The Scea Institute is responsible for ensuring that youngsters making appropriate transition into The Scea AC / The Scea are well rounded individuals by introducing them to Sustainability Leadership, African Studies and Youth Empowerment – Development.

The focus of The Scea Institute is to support the operations of The Scea AC/ The Scea off particularly off the pitch. The focus areas of The Scea Institute are Sustainability Leadership, African Studies- History and Culture and Youth Development- Empowerment among others.

Under the section of sustainability leadership, our young soccer hopefuls developing under The Professional Development Stage (The PDS) and Young Elites Development Stage (The YEDS) are introduced to the basic concepts of sustainability having covered the basic principles in leadership under our Young Leadership Development Program (YLDP) under The Scea Soccer Development Program (The Scea SDP). Besides developing as soccer players, these young individuals are shown that the community- society and good governance of institutions are of utmost importance besides the commercial aspects of our operations. Working for people, good governance and the environment (ESG) is very important in today’s world given the devastating effects climate change is having on humans and the environment as well.

“We Know Who We Are”. This is the slogan of The Scea. Under this banner or slogan; The Scea Institute introduces and teaches vital lessons on the history of Africa, its culture, people, traditions and folk tales. The Institute also touches on colonial wrongs for example slavery, colonialism, neo-colonialism and deliberate mental slavery and economic sabotage which have had far devastating effects on generations of Africans especially young Africans on the continent and in the diaspora. We think this knowledge is important in helping and enabling not only our young athletes but all the young on the continent to know their worth and work towards developing their potential. This can help young individuals develop themselves into the best versions of their respective selves or become as complete as they were created under the sun. We think and know this is liberational in nature.

Everything done at The Scea is geared towards Youth and Community development.

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