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Lean, Clean and Enabling- Impactful: The Scea Development as a Sustainable Program

By Staff

“Inclusion is an ACT and Diversity is a FACT”; Inclusion is not bringing people into what already exists; it’s about giving value to every human being, making of new spaces better spaces for everyone no matter the differences”. (Anne Wafula Strike, MBE).

With its foundations embedded in youth empowerment and soccer development; The Scea Development continues to be one of the model developmental soccer programs in the regional (East Africa Community – EAC). The intention is to be a regional center of excellence (EAC- Center of Excellence). We offer advice on developmental soccer, sustainability in sports and leadership development. The goal of operations is to stay lean, clean and enabling or impactful in all ways; with the community and its inclusion at the heart of everything we do.

The Scea Development operates with a unique model imbedded and embedded in leanness (smallness). The model helps us streamline everything we do. We maintain a countable number of both staff and playing units respectively. The total number of youngsters making up our 4 playing – developmental units is 55; right from the under 11s up to the under 23s (boys only) plus a very small number of staff who are not more than 5 with a set of diverse skills or capabilities to work across functions and departments. The model (leanness) supports and enables us to plan effectively, communicate efficiently, infuse quality in all operations and make good decisions.

 Transparency underpins all operations at The Scea development. Operations of the 3 projects; The Scea SDP (development program – under 11s-under 16s), The Scea AC (First Team) and The Scea Institute (in its infant stages) follow a clean and transparent path guided by our internal code on soccer governance. The code guides and supports all the decisions and choices we make. We own up and take full responsibility and accountability for all our actions on and off the pitch; as one of the ways to foster transparency and stay clean. Actually, we involve all youngsters and our lean staff in the entire decision making process as these decisions affect us as both individuals as well as a collective. Diversity and Inclusion (D & I) is core to our operations.

Our vision of growing into a soccer-football centered school is impacting the local community. The mission is to take care of young individuals; help them with their footballing potential as they continue to develop as young leaders. The Scea Development is playing a pivotal role in creating resilient communities whereby it is these young souls to carry the torch to light up the future all of us want. Our operations cut across SDGs 3 and 4 on inclusive education and good health- well-being for all at all stages which involves working with local schools and community health centers or programs (resilient and self-reliant communities).

The Scea Development is an impactful, clean and lean advisory and program as well. We are keen on fostering meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships and formation of coalitions to help us scale and tap into what D & I can bring on board. United in purpose and mission, we shall achieve what we WILL.

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