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The Young Elite Development Squad at The Scea Development ( Since 18th August; 2022 )

Words by Daniel Irakoze Gatete

The Scea Soccer Development Program (The Scea SDP) has a rich background of producing players for The Scea AC (The First Team), other clubs besides nations. The Scea SDP has a strong reputation and tradition of developing club trained / homegrown players with a local record of fielding at least three from The Scea SDP as part of starting match day squads or line ups for The Scea AC. Fifteen youngsters from The Scea SDP who have benefited from this unique model of player development triggered the formation of The Young Elite Development Squad (The YEDS) within The Scea AC on 18th August; 2022. Actually, The YEDS makes up a core of The Scea AC- (The First Team at The Scea Development).

Youngsters who join The YEDS spend a considerable period; 3 years between the ages of 12 and 15 years; developing under The Scea SDP- to ensure that they are good fit for The Scea AC. They come in with a thorough grasp and understanding of the values, club culture, style of play and philosophy of development-education. Besides an understanding of the first team environment and club expectations. The model ensures and facilitates an easy and fast transition and or integration into The Scea AC (The First Team).  

Three are selected every end of the season to join their peers in intense practice and competition that The First Team- The Scea AC undergoes week in week out – six days a week of practice and a day for competition. The focus is to produce fierce and intense competitors from the ages of 16 years. The model of development is paying off as The Scea AC – The First Team is a hundred percent club trained which is advantageous to the club’s financial position.

It is from The YEDS that youngsters’ show they deserve to join The Professional Development Squad (The PDS- made up of 18-21 year olds) at The Scea Development. The Scea SDP conveyor belt never stops churning out products to feed The Scea AC; which is a sustainable model for both club and player development.

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