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The Scea Development’s Role in Building Resilient and Sustainable Communities

Contribution by Gloire Ukwitegetse – Alumni- Oslo- Norway

Community involvement, participation and development are at the heart of operations at The Scea Development. Through its three operational arms; The Scea Soccer Development Program (The Scea SDP), The Scea Amateur Club (The Scea AC) and The Scea Institute (SI), The Scea Development has far reaching impacts within and around the communities of Sunton, Maji and Hunters. The impacts are as far reaching as to the wider Kasarani Constituency, Nairobi County / City. Sustainability anchors all operations and through the creation of resilient communities; The Scea Development is playing a transformative role far beyond the game of soccer.

To produce outstanding individuals and community transformers of tomorrow, young individuals have to receive a holistic, long term and transformative education. The Scea Development plays an instrumental role to that end. This is never the case within and or around the communities we operate let alone Kenya but Africa as a whole. Such transformation has exponential effects as these young individuals become speakers, influencers and leaders in their respective families, communities and far beyond. Through a new initiative – “Soccer in the Society”, The Scea Development wants to reach out to the community by working with the most talented or gifted young players / sustainability leaders at schools within our operating environment with hopes to raise the bar in regard to soccer development and sustainability leadership within Kasarani, Nairobi, and the wider East African Community (The EAC).

The common goal of soccer development and education taps into two sustainable development goals – SDGs of The United Nations Agenda 2030 that The Scea Development and all its operating arms are determined to enhance. To ensure Inclusive and Quality Education for all and Promote Lifelong Learning, Healthy Lives and Promote Well Being for all at all Stages are two and Promoting Partnerships for Change are three SDGs among the other 17 goals prioritized by The Scea Development at both the strategic and corporate levels respectively. Directly, a unique and successful model of soccer development is introduced and implemented at schools especially those attended by our young players. The direct benefit in terms of soccer skills enhancement is combined with our rich curriculum of player education to develop life skills in the areas of nutrition, exercise, the psychology of exercise; and healthy literacy to address life style choices.

For those who cannot attend school, playing soccer ensures they get lifelong learning opportunities crucial to the holistic development of an individual player. The opportunity of lifelong learning instills values like fair play, teamwork, discipline, cooperation, tolerance and acceptance besides respect of rules and others. Group work, social cohesion and professional standards are enhanced in a way or another. Personal and social development is done through in house writing development classes and creation of awareness about a number of social issues affecting the communities we operate around or within.

Increased participation and progression in soccer or sport in general is directly linked to improvements in self-esteem and confidence with exceptional effects for young individuals struggling with anxiety and depression. These are two mental health issues which go unaddressed especially among the youths as they are often discarded as stress but with serious negative consequences on the individual, family and teammates or society (stigmatization and exclusion).

Besides, The Scea Development uses The Scea SDP to promote the true spirit of sport- getting together and bonding through which impactful partnerships and collaborations can be forged along the path of intermingling and social cohesion among all stakeholders. The interconnection between players, teams, communities, fans and club members is more than enough to stimulate the formation of coalitions and resilient communities with far reaching impacts.

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